Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Circling the Windy City

As the plane broke through the cloud cover in Chicago this afternoon, I pondered the last time I traveled alone. Oh, I have taken flights to meet Wade at conferences where he has needed to arrive earlier than I....but alone? Ironically, the last time was traveling to this same city, 21 years ago for a job interview the spring before Wade began medical school -- two years before the triplets' birth in this amazing city. And three years before Cerebral Palsy would become such a lens for how I view the world.

It feels sort of like a circle then that tonight I would be here in my little hotel room for a planning meeting that prayerfully will result in helping families like our's.

It is no small sacrifice to be here. I left all four of my children at home -- home from college!! -- to attend. Dad is holding down the fort with Claire helping drive Cate to and from her activities, Mason is with Benjamin. And they are all doing my favorite thing -- being together.

But we are in agreement that this is important. That this is a cause we feel strongly about. So here I am.

As if to underscore the beauty of this circle, after my meeting tonight the woman who first held my hand on this journey drove in from the suburbs to hug me and listen to me talk about the itty bitty babies she took such care of in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit!! What a blessing to see Laura and her equally wonderful husband Jay. They made a ton of family sacrifices of their own coordinating schedules and forgoing sleep to make the visit happen. Oh I am so grateful! What a gift their loving friendship has been for almost 19 years!

Tomorrow will be busy. It seems a little daunting. But don't worry, I am fortified by my sweet visit with Jay and Laura!

And besides, I am sure there will be coffee.