Saturday, March 19, 2016

Match Day Memories!

Wade and I had triplets in medical school. You know because medical school was just not challenging enough for my guy. We had to throw in a quarter of a dozen babies. Born early. After I spent months on bed rest.

Seriously, medical school was more than enough on its own. But we had been married for six years and man, was I ready to have a baby. When we secured a job as Resident Heads (Dorm parents) for the undergraduates at the University of Chicago, it seemed the perfect time to start our little family.

Except we had three. Plus the 80 undergrads. Plus the whole medical school thing.

So the day we rolled into the auditorium at the University of Chicago to discover where Wade had "matched" for his Orthopedic Surgery Residency and Wade's entire class gave us a standing ovation, my heart was filled to bursting! Seriously, it is forever etched in my mind as a very super amazing special memory. I love those friends.

And opening the big white envelope that would announce our home for the next five years to be Rochester, Minnesota and the amazing Mayo Clinic was just icing on an already beautiful day!! And please know, while Wade read "Mayo Clinic Orthopedics" and immediately knew he was headed to a fantastic training ground. I was reading grass, a home, a backyard with grass and trees...and swings for the kids...I read ALL of that on that little slip of paper. And Rochester did not disappoint me even a little!!

Benjamin clasping the envelope to his chest!

Yesterday was match day for medical students all over the country. Oh they have been on my heart all week. My prayer is that the day was filled with precious memories, wonderful news, and that even today they are planning on the excellent adventure that moving for residency promises!!

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