Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A college girl...I mean college Mama's adventures!

I am traveling with a couple college kids this week. One is mine. One is a friend. They had to be at the Southeastern Theatre Conference today in Greensboro, North Carolina. I deposited them at the convention center a mere 24 hours after our road trip began.

I need a nap.

But since my room isn't ready, I am enjoying a little solitude, some soup and contemplating asking the restaurant owner to mute the music. Just for a minute of quiet.

Clearly I am not 18 anymore.

I confessed to my Bible Study small group early yesterday, that my human nature really really wanted to whine about needing to drive my college boy. It threatened to grieve my spirt that he can't do this without me. It makes me sad that I am missing big stuff in Cate's life because of it and I almost let that steal every other emotion. To give in to pity and bitterness and just wallow.

But I refuse.

That wouldn't honor my Benjamin. It wouldn't speak the truth to him at all -- the truth that I am so proud that he is going to this meeting and overcoming his own roadblocks to meet actors, directors, and writers who he could work with in future endeavors.

And so I did what must be done: I prayed for God to transform my attitude! I am more than fortunate to be part of Benjamin's college life. What a gift! And to get to know his friends up close and personal as only a road trip can do....well that is amazing!

And so far, God has blessed the journey. These young men sang show tunes all the way here!! (There is a reason they are theatre majors!) and the drive ticked by!

My best friend from high school plotted a drive by visit right off the interstate! I had not seen her in five years and had not visited with her for any length of time in almost 10! That was worth the trip alone!

I have another precious friend meeting me here this afternoon and know that will be a gift!! And y'all, my own theatre teacher from high school is ALSO at the conference so I will get to spend time with her too!

How often do we miss God's intended blessing because we are so busy grumbling and complaining?? Oh that I could use this trip to remember and never let it happen again!!

But I still need a nap.

Blessings dear ones, 


MommieJenna said...

Aw... So glad the Lord has sprinkled some wonderful blessings into your journey. I am fellow CP Momma, musical theater Momma, frequent reader and infrequent commenter. But I just had to comment when you stated you were in Greensboro - my home for graduate school! Have a wonderful time! Nothing beats a town that has a major thoroughfare called "Friendly Avenue". I lived in a flat in historic old house near Fisher Park. Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane!

It's sooo tough to miss out on kids' Big Days! Hugs to you for making things work!

Momma to 6
Youngest with CP