Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Benjamin

*March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. I am sharing a series of posts about my amazing children, in the hope that by hearing our story, you'll be more aware of the stories around you!*

I want to wrap up CP Awareness month by telling you how much more there is to my boys than just Cerebral Palsy. We'll start with my first-born -- as a mother of triplets I always (always always) keep things fair by going in birth order!

1. In first grade, his teacher fussed at him one day about the plan he had formed to get the attention of his classmates when he was outside the door and it was closed. He would knock with the tray of his wheelchair. I was upset that she fussed at him, certain she had affected his self-esteem. That night when he lay in bed crying, I went to him, ready to console his hurt feelings:

 "What is it, baby? Mama can fix it?" (Ok, I was a young first-time Mama at this point...I really thought I always could fix it!)

B: "Mama, I am worried."

Me: "I know, sweetheart. Tell me." (Here it comes I thought. Here is where he pours out his feelings.)

B: "Mama, I have been thinking. When I am elected president, what if they don't let you live in the White House with me??!! (More tears.)

Me: (Deep deep sigh) "Oh baby, when you are president, they will let you choose who lives in the White House with you. I promise."

My Benjamin has big dreams. And nothing like Cerebral Palsy -- or a reprimand from a teacher -- affects his self-esteem. Clearly. I just hope he never outgrows wanting me to live in the White House with him!

2. Benjamin is the KING of Improv. The king. He is witty and funny and quick. So quick. His timing is impeccable and he will make you laugh out loud.

3. He is passionate about all things Disney. Do not play Disney Trivia with this guy. You will lose. You have been warned.

4. He loves movies. Yes, he loves watching them. But he really loves studying them; reading about the directors; examining the lighting; studying the score. He loves movies.

5. He is a charmer. He knows what to say when. Speaking to a group of education majors at Arizona State University, he was asked if he preferred public school or home school the best. His response:

"Home school. But you will change that. You are a roomful of teachers who will make the system better. You will change the world."

Did I mention he was 13 when he said that?

6. He is fiercely loyal. When you are his friend, he will defend you to the end. He will stand by you to the end. He will be your biggest advocate, encourager and partner in crime. He is loyal.

7. He forgets nothing. Nothing. The toy sitting on a shelf collecting dust -- any toy sitting anywhere doing anything -- he can tell you where he got it, who gave it to him and when. The date of your first appointment with an orthodontist seven years ago...yep, he can remember and can tell you the details surrounding it (where you ate, what your wore, etc). He forgets nothing.

8. Even though he is only a minute and a half older than his brother and three minutes older than his triplet sister, he protects them like a first-born should. He wants to ensure their safety at all times. He defends them to others. And he gets upset when they are hurt. He is the big brother.

9. He is a hugger. He loves to hug. I know exactly where he inherited this trait and I love it.

10. He reminds me of my Daddy. Ok, this is one of his characteristics I love most. From his smile to his loyalty, he is a sweet sweet reminder of the man I miss so much. Such a gift from God.

There is so much more to my son than Cerebral Palsy -- and so much more than this list. But when I am counting blessings, when I am looking for what we are thankful for in the midst of surgeries, therapies and doctor's appointments, this is where I begin. Oh, I am so thankful for this boy. So thankful that God allowed me to mother him; so thankful that his birth, and life are a reflection of a perfect plan by the giver of all good and perfect gifts.


K said...

What an amazing soul your Benjamin has! I loved this post.

andre pizon said...

lovely their testimonials about the boys. Lightweight and loving. Love your blog