Friday, March 28, 2014

My Mason.

 *March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. I am sharing a series of posts about my amazing children, in the hope that by hearing our story, you'll be more aware of the stories around you!*

As I wrap up this month of celebrating the thing that makes our family most unique, I need to tell you about Mason.

First, you must know that he is named after my precious Daddy and he gives me joy that the name is so fitting. So very extremely seriously fitting! (Oh Benjamin looks like and loves like my precious Dad....but this boy....well, wait to see!)

1. Mason loves people. The triplets were only one when Claire climbed in his lap on the little rocking toy. I pulled her off, explaining that it was Mason's turn. She climbed back on. I pulled her off. She climbed back on (Because beautiful triplet who DOES not have Cerebral Palsy is fiercely stubborn.), and as I reached to pull her off, Mason wrapped his arms around her waist and smiled at me as if to say, "I want her here!!" I left them alone to play!

He still loves to have people around him, loves to be where his friends are and loves his family!

2. Mason is the most determined individual I have ever met. At three, we had one of those playhouse/swingset fixtures in our backyard (It came with the house.) We had friends over and they were in the "fort" which was up a ladder. I was watching from the patio as he tried to climb the ladder. His little legs were so tight from his CP that he could not. He sat on his knees on the ground and pondered the situation for several minutes. I was on the verge of intervening when he crawled over to the slide and climbed UP it. Genius.

He approaches every single mountain in his life that exact same way.

3. He loves math, science and all manner of difficult things! He and his Dad get up twice a week before  the sun thinks about coming up to do Physics together. Such diligence!

4. He rocks at Archery!! Placed second nationally his first season to compete!!!!

5. His laugh is contagious! He was still in his crib the first time we recognized that when this guy laughs you have to laugh with him! It is a completely compelling laugh and brings hours of joy....and perhaps equal amounts frustration when I am teaching and he gets tickled at something!! But his laugh is so like my Dad's that I can not stay frustrated long!!

6. He is a wicked role-play game master! (Oh, I do hope I worded that correctly!) He loves creating stories for his friends!!

7. He loves food and has the most discerning taste buds. We all wait for him to order then just get whatever he is getting. He usually ends the meal with everyone's plate in front of him because he polishes off our leftovers!! (Just like his Grandaddy always did!!)

8. He joined theater with the intent of working back stage and walked out of his first audition as Charlie Brown and has not quit!!

9. He is fiercely loyal -- to friends, family and the Mississippi State Bulldogs!!

10. He really really likes his side burns.

I am so grateful to be this young man's mom. He is going to do great things for God with his life and I am thrilled to be on the front row of his cheering section!!


AZ Chapman said...

I just read all your posts for CP month. They are great. I really love the old pictures I blogged about CP on my blog come visit sometime

andre pizon said...

My wife read it and said to tell you how exciting and encouraging is his testimony. Required reading. hugs