Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A day late

*March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. I am sharing a series of posts about my amazing children, in the hope that by hearing our story, you'll be more aware of the stories around you!*

Yesterday was officially Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day...I kind of ignored it. I didn't really mean to ignore it. We had dear friends visiting and we were seeing the sights of Arizona with them. I kept thinking I would post something during a break. Then I thought I would post before bed. But the truth is that I was so exhausted being aware of our Cerebral Palsy -- loading and unloading the wheelchair, finding creative ways for Benjamin to look through the telescope during our visit to an Arizona observatory, and making sure we found accessible trails for hiking the amazing National Parks in our state -- that I forgot to make you aware of the significance of the day.

Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona with our friends, John and Linda -- huge Eagles fans!

And perhaps that is a testimony in itself. As a family where Cerebral Palsy is often front and center of our lives, it does not define us. We don't sit around thinking about Cerebral Palsy every day and how we can fight it. Oh, there are days when it is our absolute focus. We are educating and describing and fighting for funding. There are those days.

But some days, some days we are just a family excited to have old friends stop through for a visit. We are just a family wanting to make memories and spend time together and see the amazing wonders of our little corner of the world.

Yesterday was one of the latter. It was a day for being together and celebrating the life we have been given. Oh, it would have been easier without Cerebral Palsy getting in the way. The hiking would have been more extensive, and possibly the sites more spectacular. But I wouldn't trade this life. I wouldn't trade these children. It was a day where we quite honestly ignored our differences to the best of our ability and just lived life.

I think that is a pretty awesome way to observe Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day. What about you?

The Painted Desert, Arizona


andre pizon said...

fully agree with you. Both cerebral palsy as cancer, can not be the center of our lives. It would be better without them, yes, but every day is a victory of the Lord, renews hope, we learn to live, and most beautiful to overcome, diagnostics and what many say is impossible. hugs