Saturday, May 25, 2013

Night Two in the PICU

If I'm honest....and goodness, ya'll know I am usually brutally honest here...I have been dreading today at least as much as I dreaded yesterday.

I knew today would be a day of firsts -- first time sitting, first time trying to swallow, first time trying to get rid of oxygen.

And combine any of that with a mama who is going on four hours of sleep in the last 36 hours...well it isn't pretty.

His eyes are so swollen...and he is so pale...but this boy is sitting tall and straight and I am just so proud of him, I could cry. Ok. I did cry. He is a rock star!
First I want to proclaim how absolutely amazing my boy has been. Amazing. He is off the oxygen. Completely!

He sat up three times on the edge of the bed -- the third time he ASKED to try one more time before tucking him in for the night. And though the attempts were not without pain, nausea and the need for some pain meds afterwards, he rocked it. He really really did.

He drank small sips of water and even had some Sprite tonight. Seems like baby steps but it is really a big deal.

As for the rest of us: The walls started closing in on me today. Pour Dad was here to wipe my tears. I knew they would -- insomnia makes me a little crazy. Worry exacerbates that. And then looking at the same four walls...well...thankfully, Uncle Len and Stephanie brought the rest of the kids to visit.  Benjamin makes me smile every time he sees them. Truly, these kids are typical siblings and they do what typical siblings do aggravating each other on occasion, but when push comes to shove, this is how you know how great your kids are: they stand together right here in the hard stuff. Mason, Claire and Cate are doing a beautiful job showing their support for Benjamin, loving on him and encouraging him. And he rallies big time when they are in the room. It was a healing balm today. A healing healing balm for both of us.

Tomorrow will bring more firsts. He needs to start eating. He will need to get in his wheelchair. Please keep blessing us with your prayers. I hope you realize how very grateful we are!


Tony & Kellie said...

So glad he is doing ok. You just need to take one step at a time. Soon you will all be back home together!

andre pizon said...

We are in prayer for all. God is faithful