Sunday, May 26, 2013

From a ROOM on the 8th floor!

 Last night I typed my update on far too little sleep. There were typos -- crazy weird ones that re-reading this morning I am not even sure how I made -- and some terrible math. I was typing Saturday night after having received four hours of sleep since I woke up Thursday morning...I did some kind of kooky figuring in my sleep-deprived state and decided that had been 36 hours. It was more like 60. On four hours of sleep. Clearly, I should not be allowed to operate a keyboard while that sleep-deprived. Forgive me.

And while, I didn't exactly rack up enough sleep to be in the plus column yet, last night was much better. Benjamin and I took lovely, deep naps between his vitals and re-positioning every two hours (to avoid skin breakdown, fluid on his lungs, etc). Really, I feel like a new woman!

And tonight, oh tonight, I am so happy to tell you that my boy is in a room -- no more intensive care unit! So, though I know we still must re-position periodically and check his vitals, I think we will sleep a bit more. At least, that is my prayer.

So I'll keep it short and sweet tonight...but there are a few moments to share:

1. Benjamin sat in his wheelchair today TWICE! He was quite amazing and oh-so-tall! Even though it hurt, even though it was frightening, he did it for an hour both times! And tonight, before his Dad left, an exhausted young man, looked at Wade and said, "I think I should do it three times tomorrow. An hour the first two and then two hours the third."  Really?  He took a deep breath: "I am telling you this now because I won't want to when you put me in the chair. It will hurt. But I know I NEED it. So do it." Oh Benjamin, one day I pray I will be half as strong as you are!

2. We had visitors other than family today! That was a treat that energized us, warmed our hearts and frankly encouraged our exhausted spirits! Thank you Alegria family and Yanovitch family!! Ya'll made us smile!!

Sitting tall in his chair -- this photo had our visitors in it...but without permission to put them on the blog...I thought I should crop it a bit so you can see my boy!

3. Really, there was only one negative moment today...but it ripped my heart:  An exhausted Benjamin was sleeping soundly after his family and some of the visitors left. The nurses came to discharge him from the Intensive Care Unit to a room. I just left him sleeping, hoping that he would stay asleep through the journey up to the 8th floor. He did not. And when he awoke and felt his bed moving, he thought he was reliving the horrible, very bad experience that occurred after his hip surgery where his lungs became filled with fluid and he had to be rushed to the intensive care unit with a nurse pumping his chest and all manner of workers racing with him. He was trembling from head to toe when we reached the room. I saw him shaking and hugged him close. And as he whispered, "I thought it was happening again," we both wept. 

Will you pray that he rests tonight with the peace that only God can provide? Will you pray that his recovery -- amazing so far in every single regard -- will continue to go smoothly and with his pain managed as well as possible?

We know that when the doctors say how remarkable he is doing, it is because of your prayers. We know that when the nurses say they have never cared for a spine-fusion patient that was so calm and complaint-free that it is because of your prayers. We know that when the siblings have stayed at peace and without anxiety it is because of your prayers.

And we are so grateful. Just so absolutely grateful. Thank you for that blessing.


Denton Rogers said...

Tell my man I love him! We're praying everyday!

GwM Joy said...

Sweet family ... you are all so brave. Your closing paragraph brought tears to my eyes ...

Ps 27:1,13-14 reflects you precious ones: "The Lord is my light and my salvation whom shall I fear?
The Lord is the stronghold of my life—of whom shall I be afraid?

I remain confident of this:I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.
Wait for the Lord;be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord."

Abundant love and prayers!