Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Good is relative.

You might remember in April when we traveled to Texas to consult a hand specialist about our boy's wrist deformity. I was full of expectations and was so sad when the doctor could offer no solution for us.

Today, we traveled for a second opinion. When the doctor walked in she took one look at B and immediately began asking him questions, listening to him and making suggestions.

Now, I try and be honest here, so I will tell you that the only good answer Dr. V could have given us today would have been giving us a bag of magic M&Ms and telling him to eat them (sharing some with his Mom, of course) and his wrist issues would be cured. That would have been a very good day.

But short of that -- and even I, with my trunk loaded with unrealistic expectations knew that wasn't going to happen -- we had the best day possible. Dr. V was able to make suggestions for his "good" hand, righty -- including having a wrist brace molded for him before we left today -- as well as offer a surgical solution for lefty.

Ah, yeah, surgical. We anticipated it but oh how I hate that word. My son does as well...and his face fell. Dr. V was considerate of that and told him the decision was up to him.

We didn't choose today. We didn't schedule an appointment. We will go home, pray about it and let Benjamin come to terms with whether or not the negatives of the deformity balance with the weight of surgical intervention.

I would once again, appreciate your prayers for discernment. And maybe a bag of M&Ms.

You are a blessing.


Greetings! said...

Definitely praying. It IS an answer.....now is it for B? Will take mulling and candy for a bit i am certain. Dear Rich is still awaiting peace with his circumstance. I will stand with you;-) xo