Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yesterday was not a good Mommy-day. I lost my usual cool. I lost my calm. I lost my patience. I didn't like the loss.

Following Claire's recital with Grams, Cate and Me!

I felt rather spent. At the end of my rope.

Celebrating Lenny's graduation (and wearing his Honors cord!)
 But a dear lady stopped at my van as I picked up my crew from their late-night theater rehearsal.

My bow-tie-wearing Mason!
And in a few words she put life back into perspective. Her kinds words were not intended to encourage me. She was complimenting my boys. And yet, her words were like a healing balm to my stretched-a-bit-too-thin heart.

She was praising my boys for their involvement in this production (Did you hear they are doing four more nights of Honk!? If you haven't seen it, you do not want to miss it!). She said she was amazed at how they "are channeling their physical challenges into artistic expression!"

My handsome Benjamin!
And with those simple words, I gained a new perspective. I felt less alone. I realized sometimes others do see and understand us.

And I sighed deep.

Speak kindness to others today. I guarantee you will be a blessing!

(And especially this weekend -- be kind to those around you -- women who might be struggling with this holiday, women who desperately want to be Moms; women who are single-moms; women whose Mommy-dreams may not be exactly what they thought....and thank the Mom in your own life!!)

Go. Bless!


Lisa said...

That's so encouraging to read! You have such a wonderful family, and we just love you guys! I love when God steps in at just the right time, and our spirits are receptive to what He has for us... it's just beautiful.