Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Early in my motherhood, I gave my children gifts on Mother's Day. Strange, I know. But it started on the day we celebrated my very first Mother's Day. I had not been a Mommy yet for a complete month, nor had I been able to take my amazing miracle babies home from the hospital.


I was still reeling in the wonder of their early arrival and the emotion of their frailty. But more than that I stared at them as they lay in their tiny isolettes, in complete gratitude for their lives.


So when Mother's Day rolled around, I just wanted to thank them for making me a Mommy. It seemed the perfect holiday for just that!


By their preschool years, my husband convinced me that it was time to teach them the meaning of the holiday. I had to stop giving them gifts on a day he wanted them to celebrate me. (Dear man.)

My first Mother's Day -- 1997.

But I am still -- 15 years later -- choked up with gratitude that these three made me Mom. That their baby sister came along later to make me Mom times FOUR almost overwhelms me with thankfulness.

MY Mom, Talley and Sarah, Len, and my four.

So even though, I didn't have the privilege of knowing her in person -- I'm pretty sure my Grandmother Susie would have understood my heart! My sweet cousin recently shared a story about her that, in my opinion, defines a precious Mother-heart:

My Dad's oldest brother was away from Grandmother Susie and his four younger siblings during his military service. When Uncle Mel received word that he would be getting leave, he notified his family giving them an estimated arrival window (as he wasn't certain himself what day he would arrive back home.).

When Uncle Mel reached Mississippi, he decided to surprise the family in the middle of the night. But he was the one surprised, when he found his favorite dessert -- Lemon Icebox Pie -- waiting in welcome for him (along with a delighted Mama and two thrilled sisters and two thrilled brothers!).

"But Mama, how did you know I was coming home tonight?" my Uncle Mel inquired.

To which my precious Grandmother replied, "I didn't. I have been making Lemon Icebox Pie every night for two weeks, just in case."

The reason we celebrate. I love my blessings.

Oh Father God, may I never lose sight of the wonder of motherhood. May this weekend be a celebration of family -- of your decision to knit us together as Mother, Father and children. And may you always remind me that Motherhood is a privilege, a gift, an absolute blessing.


Shasta said...

Oh, man, that story about the icebox pie made me cry! It's so beautiful when human do such selfless acts of thoughtfulness.

Rita B said...

That was just the wonderful person Aunt Susie was! She was so special and you seem to be a lot like her in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your precious memories and your beautiful family with us! Brought tears to my eyes too!

Rita B said...

This memory brought tears to my eyes. That is just the wonderful person that Aunt Susie was. It seems that in so many ways you are just like her. Thank you for sharing your memories and wonderful family with us!

Kim said...

You are so correct Motherhood is a privilege, a gift and an absolute blessing. Thank you for reminding me of that. In the midst of a very busy life and running a business, I sometimes forget.