Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

We met when we were just kids. 16 and 17 to be exact. (Yes, I'm a year older.)

We were friends for years -- oh, we are still best friends but it took years for us to realize we were something more entirely.

Dating 1988.

We married the very Saturday after Wade graduated from MSU -- I had graduated the year before and was working in Tupelo just waiting on my guy.

Life got pretty exciting about six years in. My aerospace engineer decided to go to Medical School and while I supported him whole-heartedly (ok, sort of whole-heartedly...I still maintain I require more face-to-face time than the whole doctor-thing allows....), I was ready to start our family. One little baby couldn't upset things that much...could it? Well, who knows, because we had THREE!

Becoming parents 1997.

By the time we finished med school and residency and headed to his fellowship, we thought we had the family thing figured out...but shortly after this photo -- we would find out we were adding another!!

At our beloved MSU 2004.

From Tupelo, MS to Hunstville, AL to Chicago, IL, to Rochester, MN down to Dallas, TX and over to Phoenix, AZ.....from no children to FOUR, through diagnoses, surgeries, therapies and scary days, I have loved this man and the adventure we have been on for every twist, turn and mile.

Celebrating 20 years at our favorite place 2011!

I have no idea what is next on this ride.

At our beloved MSU 2011!

But I know this -- I will follow him wherever he says we should go!

My face hurt for two days from smiling so much -- a very happy happy wedding day! May 18, 1991.

Happy 21st Anniversary, my wonderful Wade! I love you so!

3 comments: said...

Love your blog - we have so much in common! Nice to "meet" you!

Hoekzema said...

What a great post of your relationship history! I loved it. I'm just baffled by Wade's inability to age though. Really his 16 year old picture is not much different from his "today" picture.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Anniversary, sweet things!!!