Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If you'll indulge me...

I need to talk about our recent theatrical experience again...

Performing is so much fun for my kids -- and so much fun to watch for me! But this season was about so much more than that. It was a time for them to tell the story -- through a fun fun musical -- about how it feels to not look like the others, to feel like they don't belong, to be, well different.

Our local NBC-affiliate did a news piece on my trio. It makes me smile. I love hearing them embrace their story and find the voice that God has given them through their particular circumstances.


We had the cast party for the Select Troupe at our house yesterday. These kids from all over the valley did not know each other two weeks ago when they met for their first rehearsal. Yesterday, they talked, played, ate pizza and discussed how changed they are for having this experience. It was apparent to all observing that these 40 plus kids have formed deep friendships!

One mom in particular shared what her son had learned from performing with Benjamin and Mason. His view of special needs has changed, she confessed with pride for his growth. He told her he would never make assumptions before getting to know someone -- no matter how they look on the outside.

And well, I had to smile. Because, that was exactly the point. And what a blessing to know that we have a found a medium that is not only a blast for all four of my crew, but is effective in educating others!

Oh. I feel so blessed this morning.


GreenGirl said...

Brings a big twinkle to my eye! Love to all!

Tracey said...

Love, love this!! What a special family ya'll are! Wish I could have seen the performance!

charla said...

Love it!

abdiesus said...

Loved the performance! So glad that this opportunity exists, for your kids, and for my nieces (and hopefully soon, my nephew too!)

Looking forward to more inspiring and hilarious performances in the future!

Blessings to you and yours...

Pax Christi,
Jeff H.

Hoekzema said...

Great job! What a wonderful blessing your family is for others. Wish we could have seen the play!

Palita said...

Hi, Carol!!!!!! I'm Pali from Buenos Aires!!!!!
I didn't know I met famous actors!! Please send a big congratulations with a hug to Benjamin, Mason and Claire!!!!!!

Blessings to you all!!!!
We're already missing you in ARgentina!!!!!