Saturday, May 26, 2012

Suitcases and Calendars...

The countdown is on...we leave for Argentina in four days. FOUR!

This weekend is filled with counting jeans and all sorts of cold-weather clothing for winter in the southern hemisphere! (Quite a challenge for desert-dwellers who do not even own much winter clothing!)

We'll also be polishing up Little Red's calendar for while we are away -- soccer camp, swim team, Vacation Bible School and a few play dates...just to make sure she doesn't miss us too much. (And I'll be hoping they keep Mom so busy in South America that I don't miss HER so much...)

Sadly, Verizon told me yesterday that my phone won't work while away. I would either need to upgrade to the latest iPhone (at about $700) or switch to AT&T....aargh.  But I plan to blog here whenever I have Wi-Fi or you can check out the Team Argentina blog over here where I will try and keep everyone up to speed on our work!

We are so grateful for our team of friends, family and loved ones all over the country who have supported this mission already with your generous contributions and prayer time! (Did I tell you we raised enough  for not only our four but to offset the costs for a couple other teammates as well?? Our warriors rock!!)

So now, if you wouldn't mind spending more time for us....we would covet your prayers for:

1. Safe travels (leaving Phoenix Wednesday around lunch time, arriving in Buenos Aires Thursday morning.) -- Traveling for this long is an unknown for us, please pray for Benjamin's comfort level on the flight.

2. Changed lives (Mason has finished his sermon...pray for impact as he shares; Benjamin and Claire will be sharing their testimonies as well...pray for God's impact through them.) -- for all we come in contact with but also for the team itself!

3. Dad, Cate and Uncle Len holding down the fort at home -- pray they won't be anxious and will enjoy their sweet time together.

Thank you, dear ones. Your support during this faith-filled journey blesses beyond what words can convey. Thank you!


Greetings! said...

Sooooooo excited for your trip. GOD is huge and I trust He will make straight the path, having gone before you to prepare the hearts and lives of all those involved as well as those who will HEAR of His goodness. Jude 24-25. Love and constant prayers

Always a Southern Girl said...

Praying for safe travels Carol!

Always a Southern Girl said...

Praying for safe travels Carol!