Monday, January 30, 2012

Trying to stop the train...

If you have spent any time here at will know that I do not like for my children to have surgery. At all. You will also know that the Cerebral Palsy track that we travel has required my boys to have a few. You can read about them here or even here...or any of the posts under the surgery subheading at the side. The list is long.

Benjamin is having some wrist issues due to the combination of spasticity and growth. Surgery is a possibility down the road but we are going to try other options first -- read: I want to de-rail the surgery train if at all possible.

We have been bracing him at night for a while -- splinting his hands and wrists to attempt to stretch the tendons and prevent further contractures. While the results have been hopeful, the resistance in his wrists is causing some pressure sores and requiring us to wear the braces less.

So, tomorrow we move on to plan b.

Botulism Toxin.

My Benjamin on one of our favorite rides -- The Jungle Cruise! We love the cheese factor!!

Our doctor will insert a needle of Botox into Benjamin's wrists to paralyze those muscles and counteract the contractures. We will then brace aggressively to hopefully stretch the tendons and give him increased range of motion in his wrists.

It will not be a painless procedure for him. It will not be a permanent fix. And it will not be risk-free. Benjamin needs to use his right hand to drive his wheelchair. It is his means of independence.

Please pray mightily that our doctor will have keen discernment in administering the shots; pray that B will tolerate the procedure with his usual grace; and pray that the results will astonish us. Please.

As always, your willingness to pray is a blessing.


Judy said...

We are standing/kneeling with you.

Barb said...

So glad the procedure wasn't painful - and I'm hoping you get good results with it.

MaggieTX said...

Finally got a chance to sit down and catch up on your blog. Hoping the injections provide much relief that lasts and lasts!