Saturday, January 28, 2012

Taking the good with the bad...

The kids and I spent all day last Saturday working on mission support letters while Dad and Uncle Len were out of town. I had helped them compile a list, the trio worked together to write their letter. I had photos printed and they made labels for them. We had an assembly line going as we printed letters, folded, stuffed and sealed the envelopes. Little bit was amazing on stamp duty. We worked for more than seven hours straight -- and celebrated with Chick-Fil-A!

It was a good day.

But often the best days....well, they can be followed by some hard is a law or something.

And so if you were in the vicinity of my neighborhood this week, you probably heard me yell. Good grief. I think I raised my voice enough this week to last a lifetime. "Focus on your Algebra." "Make the beds." "Don't practice piano right now." (Who even says that?) I felt like a mom of out-of-control teenagers. Goodness, my rage must be justified, right? Except, I don't have out-of-control teenagers.

I have amazing teenagers. Oh, they are 14-year-olds and could definitely spend more time on algebra, or biology or maybe history...depending on which of the three we are discussing. But really. They are amazing.

As I processed that I might be the one who needed to control her emotions, I began looking for ways to breathe reading didn't help. Honestly, last week at least, everyone seemed to be homeschooling peacefully with brilliant Latin-learning perfect children while Mom also took time to write books and travel the country for speaking engagements. Yea, that wasn't helping me much.

Finally, I did a couple of things right. I made a phone call. Goodness, a friend with a 25-year history who knows me was just the right thing to do. Thank you, CH.

Then, I did what any self-respecting daughter of a beautician does when the going gets tough....I went in for a haircut. Deep sigh. It really does cure what ails you.

And finally, I remembered that January in the desert is pretty amazing. The kids and I moved out to the perch on Thursday and oh, it did not disappoint.

I don't have it all together. I mess up a lot. We don't eat gourmet meals over here -- rather cereal nights are a personal favorite. And though I dream about it, I am not writing any books today.

But the perfect kid thing. Well, I think I have that one covered.

And yea, they are a blessing.


MaggieTX said...

Love reading your blog.... and love seeing all the amazing smiles at your house! You do have great kids. And you're a great mom. You're also human, so give yourself a break. :) Everybody has off days.

LuEllen said...

You are, hands down, one of the best moms I know. And if you yell occasionally, then, WHEW! I sure do feel a little better about my tirades. Love ya, girl