Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pleasant surprises...

Sometimes, we can get so consumed with worrying about the stuff that we miss the blessings completely. I am so thankful that after my challenging week last week, I am reminded this week of so much joy...and so many gifts:

Like, the fact that yesterday's appointment for Botox injections for my boy went very smoothly. This procedure involves a lot of controversy in the world of Cerebral Palsy. Many parents -- and their physicians -- believe children should be sedated for this procedure. Hubby and I are under the impression that the less sedation the better -- especially with our once-premature babies who have to undergo way too much anesthesia for surgeries as it is. But I have to confess that I began to doubt my conviction as the hour drew near. Was my boy going to feel tortured? Was I a terrible mother?

Whew, I am so thankful to tell you that hubby and I are exactly correct -- for our kiddo anyway. He and his doctor were engaged in a wonderful conversation about Disney cruises and she injected the Botox without Benjamin even flinching -- or breaking conversation for that matter. Big blessing!!

Stay tuned for effects...

Benjamin and Mom....a traditional waiting-at-the-doctor shot!

There has also been some fretting over our new van -- from the selection process to now finding parking spaces that allow for the side-entry. I worried. I have obsessed. And I have worried some more, did I say that?  But this: 

Is how my little red rides almost everywhere! The windows on the new van lower on the side doors and she squeals with delight the entire time! Between that and the Sirius radio that has my kids singing all manner of fun music from the 40s to the 90s....and sometimes just Broadway hits.....and sometimes...well, suffice it to say we are enjoying the radio!

And as for the parking. It has not been a problem at all after the first day. I am learning. So our new van -- untold blessings!

Love big red barns...
And then...Mason has been talking about archery for a few years. I have to say, his interest kind of....well overwhelmed me. I know nothing about bows...and what did he want to shoot at anyway? Really? I was so not-interested.

But this boy was serious about the interest. He received a bow for Christmas, and is taking lessons from a great archery coach (With the big red barn in her backyard!)....and guess what, it is fascinating to watch! I love taking him to lessons. The increased arm strength he is gaining is a therapeutic dream --which is so cool to his Mom but probably not what motivates him. (smile) He just loves it. Loves it. And seeing my kiddo smile is well...you know...quite a blessing.

Mason at Archery lessons...
Most of the time, my friends, the blessings are staring us in the face. We wake up in the morning and get to choose, do we look for blessings today? Or do we look for reasons to whine? Last week, I chose the latter. It didn't bring anything but grief. This week, I choose joy. I choose gratitude. I choose to see the blessings.

Won't you join me?


Barb said...

Love this post! It's just what God has been teaching me lately. If I just work on forcing myself to do something without changing my attitude, it doesn't work - or it may work, but I live a miserable life while it's working. (Which you might say means that it really isn't working.)

Sometimes, the task itself might never be that great - it's the walking through it with God that makes it great.

At any rate, I love all your examples. And yes, I will join you in choosing gratitude!

Linda Hanson said...

My dear friend, YOU are a blessing! I need to read your blog on an on-going basis to keep myself in check.

Let me just say that I LOVE that photo of Mason -- he looks so fierce! Don't you love the "cheap" therapy that comes from something they love. Kathleen's band director pushing her towards French Horn (perhaps because he himself was challenged on one side)
in 6th grade freed her left hand so very much, and now she uses both hands all the time at the hospital!

Linda Hanson said...

YOU, my dear friend are a blessing! I read your blog on an on-going basis to keep myself in check about what's REALLY important in life and faith.

Don't you love the "cheap" physical therapy? I remember Kathleen's band director in 6th grade steering her towards the French Horn (perhaps because he himself was challenged on one side), which was so good for her left hand. Now she uses both hands every single day at the hospital. Blessings, both known and unknown, are in the littlest things!