Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time for an attitude adjustment...

So apparently, I have let this little medical worry color my attitude. Completely.

I am not obsessed with it. Really did not even think I was continuing to fret over it. Much.

But then I received an invitation to lunch with a wonderful group of ladies in charge of one of our extra-curricular activities. And oh my goodness, did I start to fret.

What if they were going to ask us not to participate anymore? Were we too challenging for the group? How would I handle the disappointment of my children? Oh, do you get the picture? And this was all BEFORE the meeting.

Relaxing while riding the train to the Grand Canyon...oh, if I could just adapt this attitude! But really other than that the photos have nothing to do with the post...I just needed the distraction!

I was fairly trembling by the time I entered the restaurant.

Benjamin at the coolest little trading post...

And would you believe the meeting was nothing but good stuff? Amazing things, really! I am still shaking my head in utter amazement.

Is there anything better than ice cream in the summer?!

Eventually, I will share the excitement. I don't mean to be cryptic. But this post is SO not about the news of the meeting...it is about forgetting to look at life through the RIGHT lens.

My beautiful Claire desperately thinks she needs a wagon wheel swing for our yard!

Worry -- and a bit of self-pity -- took over my view. And when that happens, blessings are pretty much impossible to see, much less count. When I am looking at the world from a "woe-is-me" perspective, I assume the worst about everything!

So as I sat in my car after the meeting, humbly asking God forgiveness for my attitude, I recalled these verses that are so imperative to keeping the right focus:

Psalm 145:5 reminds me to: "mediate on [God's] wonderful works."

And Proverbs 4:23: "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

What is coloring your world today? What is hurting your heart and causing you to take your eyes off the ONE that can carry you through?

 I will not promise you that life will be a rose garden -- that is not the assurance scripture offers. But can I encourage you that looking at life through the right-colored glasses can prevent your view from being distorted by fear, discouragement and bitterness. Blessings can only be counted when our glasses allow them to be seen.

Deep sigh.


Allison said...

Oh, thank you for writing this. I needed to read this and surrender my hurting heart to the Lord. Your blog still lifts me up every time you write. Thank you!