Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Shrad-y Bunch In Hawaii!

I have dreamed of this vacation for years. Loving the beach, loving the sand, loving the flora and fauna native to Hawaii, I have been eager to bring my children to visit the Islands.

And here we are....I am so excited! (Don't feel compelled to look at these photos...I just know my Mama wants to see them!)

We left early early in the morning...

I pulled out my camera immediately -- didn't even want to miss the airport shots!

And I am so glad I did: Our dear dear Miss Trish had arranged for a friend to meet us at the airport to greet us! It made me cry.

Mrs. Dianne Hom with her sweet surprise!!

Our rooms were not ready to be took time to look around the hotel...a pure joy!

I don't promise to be here daily -- but I'll try and share the blessings of God's creation every chance I get! But first of all....I am going to enjoy it!



The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Aloha, honey! Looking forward to seeing ALL the pics you wish to share! XO!

Lisa said...

WOW! A dream come true indeed! I love that you call your blog the blessing counter- because God's blessings truly surround us each day... but if we're not intentional and prayerful about having eyes to see them, we miss them. Thank you for sharing these blessings from your Hawaii trip thus far. Have a blast!!!!