Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Masons visit Arizona

I am the oldest of three kids. And the only girl. So pretty much, I spent my teenage years bossing around my little brothers and then my young adult years hoping they would love me anyway.

And when our Dad died way too early, we reversed roles and I looked to both my dear brothers for the unconditional love my Dad used to shower on us. They stepped into the role loving my kiddos in such an amazing way that they can see how loving our Dad was!

For this season, we are blessed to have Len living with us. He helps me more than words can ever describe and is a God-given answer to prayer in the care of my kids. However, miles separate us from Talley and his beloved Sarah. They live in Minnesota. And of course, Mama is in  Mississippi.

But this weekend -- for far too brief a time -- all of us were gathered under my roof to celebrate Mama -- and her 65th birthday!

Grammie's girls cooking in the kitchen together!

We squeezed in as much fun as possible. We swam, cooked, made s'mores and did a run to Sedona and the Grand Canyon! We laughed, talked and made memories.

Claire and Cate making s'mores with Aunt Sarah!

In Sedona, Arizona!

Mason on the Sedona!

Different geography doesn't negate that we are family. We don't see each other often and never for long enough to cover every subject and spend enough time together, but this trip was a blessing!

Grammie with her crew!

Mason relaxing while riding the Grand Canyon Railroad!

Benjamin and Uncle Talley -- the boy misses the Uncle every day!

My cute girls on the train!

Mason making his Gramster get as close to the edge as possible at the Grand Canyon!

I want to hear what she is telling him!

Love this one of Grammie and Claire!

Cowboy bandits on the train...scary! :)

Counting the blessings of being family -- while celebrating the blessing that is our Mom and Grammie -- made for a wonderful weekend!


JMom said...

I just read your comment and clicked over here!!! We should connect online. We have a lot in common, could you email me? Lotsofscotts at gmail dot com.

Annette M. Heidmann said...

These are outstanding vacation pics -- looks like you all had so much fun together... and it reminded me of the trip we took up to the Grand Canyon when our four were little, with my mom and dad. ((smiles))

Hoekzema said...

The picture of Mason and Grammie on the edge is my favorite. Mason's smile is contagious. I smiled looking at his smile.