Friday, July 8, 2011

The coolest thing happened...

Wade and I get a bit crazy about our Mississippi State Bulldogs. We are unapologetic about it.

We fell in love on that beautiful campus. We made life-long friends in the buildings there. We learned, grew and became adults there. And for our entire married life, we have lived AWAY from that "home".

In my opinion, or maybe just for us, college football is loved because it offers alumni the opportunity to be "connected" to their alma mater -- tying them to all their wonderful memories! (Ok, and there is also that my guy LOVES football....)

Early in our marriage, we were close enough to have season tickets and make the drive to get to games. But once we moved to Chicago, our only connection came during football season and any televised games we could view! Life in Minnesota saw an increase in the number of televised games, but Wade's schedule was so awful he was rarely home for them. I would video-tape them (yes, children, this was the dark ages!) and take the tape to him at the hospital, testing my theatrical skills as I worked to keep any glimmer of the outcome from my face!

Going home for my guy means going to Mississippi State....and taking his kids. We do it as often as our schedule allows but alas, getting their from here isn't the easiest. So more often than not, we inflate our giant Bulldog in our yard, bring out all the MSU linens, don our myriad of maroon clothing and jump, scream and ring our cowbells in the confines of our desert home.

But we try to make it home for one game each season...and last year we did just that. And my precious friend, Susan, took us down to the sidelines before the game to watch the team warm up. The players are always so dear with my crew -- making a big deal over all four! We had a wonderful time!

And that was super-special to my bulldog-loving crew.

But then last week, I got a neat message from a friend who thought my Cate was in the new MSU promotional video. I smiled but really thought she might be mistaken (Sorry, Cindy) since we were only at that ONE game,  how could it be? And then yesterday, I got a message from my dear Susan, who said the same thing. Well, two friends thinking it....this I had to see...

Oh my goodness. It is her! She flashes on the screen but for a second but it is priceless.

And I've got to tell you that we are completely thrilled. Beyond excited. Tickled maroon as it were! We have watched, re-watched, emailed friends and family! And frankly grinned in the goofiest manner for 24 hours or so.

Isn't it a blessing when something unexpected just delights your heart?

Do you want to see the ad? Click Go Bulldogs! And make sure you keep your eyes open at the :13 second mark! But be'll probably feel the need to go buy some maroon clothing after you watch!


GreenGirl said...

Love her serious little face watching the game. They made a good choice!

Sarah Armstrong said...

Oh I love it! We are already getting excited in our house about the upcoming season!! It's amazing how I've come to love the sound of cowbells....who would have thought? :)