Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you have your tickets?

THIS Sunday, the entire Shrader crew will be performing in the Ballet Academy of Arizona's production of Peter Pan.

Dear Cate is a student of the Ballet Academy and simply adores her instructor, Mrs. Caroline. Caroline is trained through the Royal Academy of Ballet and her students tested and credentialed through the Royal Academy. She is amazing.

But more than that -- at least for me -- is the heart Caroline has for all children. Because she has seen the difference theater and dance can make in the self-esteem of children, she puts on all of her shows -- from The Nutcracker, to Cinderella and Peter Pan -- with a cast comprised of talent to be sure, but also of eager, willing students who want to learn, experience and try something new. She does not audition but rather lets all who desire participate and then she inspires, excites and gets out of their way so they can shine!

When our boys were very small, we really struggled each time we drove by a baseball field, fearing they would never experience little league. In my heart, I wondered if moms of little girls with Cerebral Palsy grieved over pink tutus the way we grieved over baseball diamonds.

Caroline wants to make sure those moms don't have to grieve. She is eager to work with special needs children, children who are at-risk, children with emotional-distress....she has seen the effect her program can have and is eager to help as many as she can!

Benjamin, Mason, and Claire are volunteering their time to star in Peter Pan -- Benjamin is Peter, Mason is his shadow, and Claire is Mrs. Darling -- to spread the word that this is a place for ALL children. Cate wouldn't miss it for the world -- she is a lost child, a toy in the nursery and a ladybug!

Won't you join us? If you can't make it Sunday (Herberger Theater, 2pm & 4pm!!), the academy could still use your support. Donors make it possible for Caroline to offer scholarships to children who otherwise would not be able to participate. Every little penny makes a difference in the life of a child!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Wish I could be there to witness this wonderful play, Ms. Carol. However, I know you'll be posting LOTS of photos and a full review afterward! Love you guys...