Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maroon hugs and a little football...

Last weekend we went our beloved Mississippi State. Living far from Mississippi for the last 15 years means that often the only way we can think about our Alma mater is through football...and frankly, that has more downs than ups. (Not this season though...GO DAWGS!)

But this weekend, oh, this weekend, was just pure joy from start to finish. A reminder to us of what really matters at MSU, and a lesson to our four kiddos of WHY most of our family's wardrobe is maroon..

Benjamin (who doesn't particularly like dogs...) loving on Bully!
 From the moment we arrived in Starkville, we were surrounded by friends, loved ones and hugs. Oh, did I mention the hugs? I am not sure I miss anything as much as the fact that in Mississippi my dear friends I like to be hugged...freely, tight, and OFTEN! Oh my I was so excited!

While dining at Harvey's (where Daddy took Mommy after he proposed!), we ran into MSU Bulldog and NOW Philadelphia Eagle Jamar Cheney! Jamar had been speaking at MS High School FCA meetings all day! LOVE THAT!

My precious Miss Trish and her dear brother, Butch. Butch's wife, Susan, spoils us rotten when we are in town. She secured sideline passes for us all during pregame warm-ups!

Wade's Sig Ep brothers took time to give tours to our boys of their areas of interest -- Mason received a tour of the Institute of Archaeology while Benjamin got to see the Communication Department. They were impressed. Thanks to Jimmy Hardin and Pete Smith, we were all excited about their potential majors! (I have even convinced Mason to let me go back to school with him...that Archaeology stuff was amazing!!)

Butch and Susan's granddaughter, Anderson. Cate was completely enamored!

We had dinner with some of our favorite people in the world -- Miss Trish, Butch and Susan Simmons -- at one of our all-time favorite restaurants, Harvey's! The reunion was wonderful and I hated for the dinner to end! But from their we joined Hannah and Wade and kids (Susan and Butch's children and grands) at Starkville's Pumpkinpalooza. I have to say, Claire thought that was amazing! I knew then she was sold on all things MSU and Starkville!

Cate, Miss Trish, Susan, Butch and Wade at Harvey's!

One of our favorite football players, Kendrick Cook hugs Cate. We met Kendrick a couple years ago -- it thrilled Cate that he remembered her!

Grammie joined us for breakfast and lunch on Saturday!

The girls loving on Bully -- this only served to encourage their campaign for a bulldog of their own!

Tailgating with Daddy's childhood friend, Marty Winters and his family was a definite highlight!

Intensely watching the game...can you see Cate "cheering"!

Mason and The Legend, Coach Rockey Felker, another one of our favorite people on campus!

So close to the was amazing!

With my favorite, Miss Trish!

Can you tell who was pretty excited to be on the field?!

A trip to MSU would not be complete without seeing Vice-President Jimmy Abraham! We love him and always enjoy grabbing a few minutes -- and several hugs while on campus!

We won the game, by the way. And as thrilling as that was, it didn't hold a candle to the joy of seeing so many dear friends and to hearing our kids say over and again, "We love it here. We don't want to leave." Oh what a weekend full of blessings!


boomama said...

I looooooove this! :-)

I wish we'd gotten to see y'all!

Jessica Huckaby said...

Tell Benjamin he looks awesome in a Chad Bumphis jersey. Love that Tupelo connection.

Kristin said...

Wish I could have met you guys while you were this way. Glad you all had a blast. Hannah's little girl is just adorable.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

What a fun trip this was for you all, Carol. You are all tremendously blessed! Love you.

Ali said...

So sad I didn't know you all were in Starkville. Glad I'll be seeing you soon though! Love the pictures!