Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Cate!

Dear Cate,

Today you turned FIVE! I can not believe it. Daddy assures me I have savored the moments. (I have certainly photographed them!) But even still, I am not ready for you to be -- as you put it today -- ONE FULL HAND of years.

Your arrival was such a wonderful blessing. I had wanted another baby for so long and really did not think it was even possible for us. But then, there you were! Oh, I was so excited. Daddy says I prayed you here. I am pretty sure he is right on that one!

Opening gifts -- oh the thrill of being FIVE, getting princess-wrapped gifts and knowing you are adored by the other five members of your family!
 From the moment you entered our little family you have brought so much joy. We were all five mesmerized by everything you did. You know you are adored. Recently, someone asked your name. You replied, "I'm Cate. I'm a gift!"

But you are a giver, too. You were only two years old the first time you got up from your seat at the table, climbed up on Benjamin's wheelchair wheel and wiped his chin. You knew your "bobba" needed your help and you were more than willing to give it. You still do so much for both your brothers and woe to anyone who is mean to them. You have -- more than once -- been overheard explaining "He has cerebral palsy" in a heated little voice that says clearly they better stop whatever they are saying to your bobbas.

All you wanted was a bicycle for your birthday...we had other presents wrapped and the bike hidden outside...you were getting sadder and sadder with each present but were still expressing gratitude in the sweetest voice. When I finally took you outside you just squealed and squealed!!

Today, you are five. You love school and are working so hard in kindergarten. You know all your letters and never cease to amaze me with your math skills (straight from your Daddy!)! You love ballet and are so excited about being in your first Nutcracker. But what you would really like to do is be in "Snoopy, the Musical" with your brothers -- you have all the songs memorized with them!

You love for Claire to teach you sign language -- especially when you are in your bed at night! (I think you might be stalling sleep time!) You think your big sister is amazing and love doing anything with her -- walking the dog, playing your music, or having a tea party with your American Girl dolls! What a gift you are to each other!

Sprinkles -- a little sweet for the sweetie!
She'll have cake at her party on Sunday but today she wanted yogurt from Cherry on Top. They were so dear there -- they gave her a visor of her very own and uh...obviously a little yogurt with her candy!

But maybe my favorite thing about your five-year-oldness: you still love your Mommy-time each morning. We cuddle, giggle and watch your favorite TV shows together before your big kids wake up. We both get a little grumpy without our special time and I intend to treasure those moments until you prefer to sleep in instead of snuggle. (Please please please don't let that happen any time soon!)

Family photo at Cherry on Top!

What five looks like...

Happy Birthday, my sweet sweet girl. I thank God for you a million times a day. I can't wait to see what this year brings!

You bless me.

I love you,


Malenda Meacham said...


You are such an amazing mother. I have tears of joy just reading your blog. You are a blessing to your children, family and friends. You truly inspire me!

GreenGirl said...

Oh I love five. What a sweet girl you have been blessed with.. can't wait to meet her.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Yes, you ARE an amazing mother and are hereby awarded my personal Mommy Award. Happy Birthday, Mz. Cate - the best present you've ever had and ever WILL have is the one that gives you those special morning snuggles. Trust me. Love you guys.

Heather said...


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

We have our Little five year old november blessings in common! How wonderful!!