Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Patch of Heaven

Today was Pumpkin Patch Day! I love going to the Pumpkin Patch. I love the colors, the celebration of Fall and just being with my kiddos outside our normal setting...with a camera. Today, we visited MacDonald's Ranch for our annual pumpkin patch day and it really was a little patch that reflected heaven for us!

There was a petting zoo, horses, and roping "hay cattle"...the girls were loving it but the boys....well, the boys were just being the wonderful sports that they are. They posed for the occasional photo or 20 and didn't complain about the sun, the dirt or the giggles (we had two other little girl friends with us so the giggles were abundant!). But they honestly, were not getting to do much.

When we reached the Hay Ride portion of the visit, I honestly had no idea what was in store. Because this was our first time to MacDonald's, I did not know how this ranch worked so did not realize that you HAD to ride the hay ride to the pumpkin-picking-area. So when we reached the gate, I asked the cowboy if they by any chance, had an accessible-wagon. I was half-joking.

Cowboy Ron did not even bat an eye. He said, "We'll make it accessible, ma'am."

Now, I need to tell you that my boy's wheelchair weighs 280 pounds. I know this because we weighed it at the pediatrician last week. My sweet boy weighs about 80. That's 360 pounds total. That's important information to the story, my friends.

Because there was no ramp. Cowboy Ron hollered (and we were on a RANCH, so I really do think HOLLER is the correct terminology here!) for two other cowboys and before I knew what was happening, these amazing men were lifting Benjamin, chair and all, onto that hay ride wagon. Right. Up. On. The. Wagon.

We could not have been more delighted. All of us. Benjamin kept thanking Ron -- who rode with us. I couldn't decide whether to cry about this over-and-above kindness or just be delighted and enjoy the ride! (I opted to enjoy...)

Benjamin and Mason stayed on the wagon trusting their sisters to pick out the perfect pumpkins. Cate struggled with that decision...she frankly, loved them all!

But then as we climbed back on the wagon, Ron got down and went to the pumpkins. He returned with a funny-colored, bumpy coated, heavier-than-usual pumpkin for Benjamin.

Benjamin had apparently pointed it out and told him he thought is was cool. I agreed. Leave it to my Benjamin to pick the different pumpkin -- I even said as much, pointing out that it was kind of a "special needs pumpkin".  And then Ron told us that a lady earlier today had requested just that kind of pumpkin. She said they were her favorite for making pies because they had more substance and were sweeter on the inside. And I had to smile -- because that pretty much confirmed it for me -- it was definitely a special needs pumpkin!

I'm pretty sure Ron must be a special needs cowboy. He definitely had more substance and was sweeter than any cowboy I have ever met.

And tonight when we counted our blessings, he got counted at least five times!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Crying over my coffee, that's what this did for me. How amazing - Angels at Halloween. Love you guys so much!

Kristin said...

What a sweet experience. Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

It was a beautiful thing to witness!

Claire's Calico Corner said...

What a sweet post! I had a ton of fun at the pumpkin patch, too, and can't wait to go back!
I also LOVED our time at MSU and hopped on here to write a novel about it on my blog, when I stopped to read yours. I love it!
Can we make a special needs pumpkin pie out of that special needs pumpkin?! Love ya,
Claire at the Corner