Monday, September 20, 2010

Visiting memories...and making new ones!

Six years ago, we moved from a little blue house in Rochester, Minnesota leaving the only home the triplets could remember and friendships that will last forever.

We built a playground when we lived in Rochester...with dear friends willing to help...we raised money for an accessible playground behind the kids' elementary school!

The Shraders reunite with their elementary school principal, Joyce Daimer and introduce her to Cate!

Dear friends reuniting -- Mary and her daughter, Amanda!

Another dear friend, Michelle with daughters, Kelsey and Kendra and the Shraders on "our" playground!

Six years ago, our leaving was bittersweet. We were excited about the future, eager to go where God was leading and looking forward to new friendships and new adventures. But we were so sad to leave close friends, people we had grown to love so much!

My dearest friend, Shelly, has also moved. She drove hours to be with us in Rochester. Oh, such a sweet time together!!

The boys' best friend, Greg, and his brother Aaron...another wonderful reunion!

My girls from Side By Side Bible Study!

Side by Side girls with LeeAnn too...the wonderful hostess for our luncheon!
Six years ago, I could not have imagined how sweet a reunion we would have on our first, all-too-short visit back to our beloved Rochester. Could not have fathomed the depth of joy I would feel upon FINALLY seeing my girlfriends again, and the warmth with which they would welcome us all!

Time in Rochester also meant time with my beloved brother, Talley and his precious wife, Sarah! My mother even flew in to join the fun!!

Talley and my Mother with me! Such a gift!
I am so thankful for friends who refuse to let time and distance tarnish our friendship and so thankful for this time of reunion that absolutely warmed my soul (which was a good thing cause it was cold in Minnesota!)

I am so thankful for the blessing of family who took time to love on us, help with the kiddos during Wade's commitments and just bless us mightily! We don't see Talley and Sarah nearly often enough so getting to be with them in their home and feeling so loved was a huge blessing!

So today, we are hoping that six years will not go by before we return to visit our dear friends and family. But we know that the memories made last week will bless us for a long long time!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

It's wonderful to see you all so happy and healthy, Carol. Love you tons.