Tuesday, September 14, 2010

School is back in session...

Cate's first day of Kindergarten!

 I love the smell of pencils, new crayons and construction paper! Oh, it smells of school, learning, imagination! And I still find it hard to believe that I get the pleasure of teaching my four right here surrounded by all the good smelling goodness!

Cate and her teacher -- aka Mommy!

So school has begun again in our little corner of the world. As you can probably tell, I very much romanticize the whole idea of homeschooling. There are women who back up my romantic notions though -- bloggers who home school, make their own clothing, cook gourmet meals, take incredible photos of it all and then blog about it! I have to tell you that reading those blogs alternately inspires and depresses me.

First day for the big kids!

I love homeschooling. I do. But rarely are our days completely Norman Rockwell-ish....with four children, the odds of all four being "on their game" simultaneously and eager to learn, well....that just rarely happens. And of course, there is always the Mommy-variable...I mean, I might have possibly been known to have a bad day or two myself. Maybe.

First science lab for my 8th graders!

Surely I didn't expect that SHE wouldn't want to do the lab also?!

But overall, we really do enjoy this path of learning together that we are on -- I am constantly amazed at the things Cate (my littlest) can recall that she has "overheard" me teaching her big kids.  I am amazed at the conversations learning together prompts. I am amazed that God provides for each and every need in this classroom ours that has some pretty diverse "learning styles"!

Ready to cheer for our beloved Bulldogs...another exciting part of Fall!

And this one has absolutely nothing to do with school....but doesn't she look cute in her Fancy Nancy gown AND beret?!

So Norman Rockwell or no....this is the path I pick...and it is such a blessing!


Claire's Calico Corner said...

I love home schooling too! And we COULD make our own clothes! : ) I'm so excited to go on this trip with you my awesome teacher!!!
Love ya,

Mardi said...

Your children are so fortunate to have such an amazing mommy and teacher! I just love the lessons you do, the science lab looks like a blast! You are an inspiration. :)