Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A letter...

Dear Stefan,

    Thank you so much for pointing the way to the elevator yesterday. Goodness, the landscape crew in Washington did such a splendid job camouflaging that elevator to the metro that if it had not been for you I am not sure we would have ever found it! Thank you for showing us the way.

    Much more importantly, however, I want to thank you for coming back to talk to us; for asking about the boys and sharing your story of life with Cerebral Palsy. You were charming, inspirational and oh-so-encouraging to two 13-year-old young men and their parents. Thank you.

    After we had reluctantly parted ways with you, Benjamin turned to me and asked if I thought God sent you. See, my sweet precious Benjamin has been struggling of late with what God's purpose is for his life. He has been wondering exactly HOW God can use him with his physical limitations. You could not know that. And yet, you took the time to specifically say to Benjamin that you had a friend like HIM in your government building that had a college degree and a very important job. You encouraged my child in a way I alone could not. So Stefan, yes, I believe God sent you. And tonight, I am praying for you to be blessed in ways that only God can imagine.

An extremely grateful Mommy,


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Angels appear when we need them. Stefan is an angel. What a wonderful story to wake up to, Carol. Love you.

GreenGirl said...

Amazing! Wonderful memory of your travels.