Friday, July 16, 2010

Being a YES Mommy....

I recently read a blog post by Hearts at Home founder, Jill Savage, that urged Moms to say "yes"! This wise woman was gently reminding us to remember that everything doesn't require a "no"....or in my case a "later".

In the weeks leading up to our recent move, my sweet Cate looked at me and said, "I don't like that you always have to work."  Um, y'all, I'm a stay-at-home-Mommy! I was utterly convicted that too often I say, "Mommy has to get her work done....I can't _____ right now."  Jill's post confirmed what that conversation started...we MUST take time to be with our children, y'all. They desire our time more than anything else. MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE!

So this week, I am trying to practice being a YES MOMMY! So far, we've had swimming races (just me and my littlest love) because she wanted to. And I tried to ignore that she totally and completely cheated....even when she could have beaten with a clean start (the little stinker likes to hedge her bets! ha).

We have painted and colored. Oh, the joy of choosing which color to paint Belle's hair!

We have fried tortillas to make our own chips -- just cause my big kids LOVE them.

We have had a tea party with American Girl dolls (please note that every one has a hat...apparently it is a requirement at tea parties)....

And we have had Popsicles...and though it was not a reach to say yes to Popsicles when it is 115 degrees outside and who doesn't LOVE a good Popsicle? It was a reach to take photos of their tongues...I mean really?! Tongues?

So can I encourage you this weekend to try saying "YES" when your child asks for something that maybe you are not in the mood for; or maybe you don't think you have time for; or maybe you just aren't interested in at all; TRY saying yes! I guarantee the smile on your little one's face will be a blessing in deed!


virgdan1 said...

I saw Jill's post too earlier this week. So Nicole and I played volleyball in the house. It was with a beach ball, but we stayed cool! Only 2 things got knocked over, but nothing broke.

Jill said...


I love this post! I just love knowing when my words have made a difference in a mom's life! Great tea party pics!