Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Not one thing...

One of the best parts of being a special needs family is that not one thing gets taken for granted at our house. NOT ONE! We celebrated the day a little baby Cate reached across mid-line for the first time to grab an object. We celebrated because even though it came easy for her, we remembered the weeks and months we spent in physical therapy working to help a baby Benjamin do just that.

The day Cate stacked more than two blocks on top of each other, I called our former Occupational Therapist in Chicago to rejoice. I knew she would do exactly what she did -- cry with me. Again, for Cate it was an effortless milestone. But we worked so hard on stacking blocks with the boys and rejoiced with each one -- I knew NOT to take it for granted with Cate.

Yesterday, Mason decided that the wheelchair was getting on his nerves. He pulled the walker to himself and decided to walk from point A to point B. I could not have been prouder. It is not easy still. And so I find myself walking with him, spotting him if you will in case he gets tired or his legs buckle. Mason says I am cheering on his feet. And that reminded me of an adorable 18 month old Mason.

The boys had physical therapy at the University of Chicago hospital. The hallways were pretty bland -- non-children's hospital-like -- and frankly bored a little Mason to distraction. His PT would have him walking in his walker and he would struggle...until people started lining the hallways to "cheer" him on. Oh, that wasn't boring...he loved that! He would grin the cutest little grin and take off!

I offered to call the neighbors to come cheer for him yesterday. But apparently, at 13, I am enough.

Can I tell you that with or without a cheering squad, seeing my boy stand tall and put one foot in front of the other is a blessing I will NEVER take for granted.


LuEllen said...

Go Mason!!!! We are so proud of you. ...and your mama!
Lu and crew

Wendy said...

What an incredible inspiring wonderful super fantastic amazing awesome victory!



Thank you for your beautiful blog. It is truly a treasure.