Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Name is Carol...

And apparently, I have an addiction to all things Birthday-related! Especially. The. Cake. (Or more precisely...the icing on the cake!)

Seriously, I am certain I should be worried about having THREE teenagers...or something. But I love birthdays. And we have had so much fun over here that I can not fret over another year added to their age.

Benjamin loves movies -- especially anything Pixar. So he is counting down this summer's NEW Toy Story flick. I love that when Wade and I found this bear -- Lotso-Huggin-Bear -- from the new movie we KNEW he would be over the moon about it. And he was!! And well, we all were...Lotso looks "old" like he's been around for ever....he is cuddly and soft and smells of Strawberry BUT he has eyes that suggest he might not be the "good guy" in the new movie. Oh, we can not wait!! (June 18...in case you don't have a Benjamin at your house keeping you posted!)

Claire was fretting the most about turning 13....she is so bothered by people lamenting (out loud and in front of her) about the trouble three teens might be. This sweet girl doesn't want to be any trouble. So Dad and I decided she needed something to remind her that being a young lady is stinkin' fun too....so we surprised her with a pearl and diamond (albeit itty-bitty diamond) ring. She was so surprised and sooo excited! And agreed that this "teen-age stuff" isn't half-bad!

Mason is all about the Star Wars stuff...he was easy to buy for this year because he wanted some role-playing books! I love his smile...it has always always lit up the room!!

After presents and waffles we went to our happy place...the pool. I am always torn wanting to dive right in with my crew and yet wanting to stay dry long enough to use my camera to capture the joy. Here is my compromise:

And finally....well, remember I said I had a problem. I love the birthday cake. And we had plenty!! So now, I understand one of the greatest blessings of having triplets -- three times the cake!!

Happy Birthday, my beloveds. May this year be filled with joy, love and blessings abundant!!


GreenGirl said...

I love your family! Thanks for sharing all the very special moments.