Friday, October 16, 2009

It is Friday...

This has been one of those weeks -- it started with Monday...yeah, I know, most of them do. But this one, well, I just couldn't seem to get my head above the water. We worked through our lessons -- but school was, well, just school. There were no candle-making, bread-baking, a-ha moments this week. I may or may not have raised my voice once or twenty times. I may or may not have shed one or twenty tears after the fact. It was one of those weeks.

And then my girlfriend called. The one who has been in this home-schooling thing forever and is my role-model/source of all wisdom. She called and she told me how hard this time of year is. The new has worn off, the holidays are a long way away and every body has ants in their pants. She sent a link to a blog by Pioneer Woman where she discussed this exact same thing...THIS WEEK!

And so today, I celebrate Friday...and the blessing of friends who know just what to say when!! God did a great thing when he created girlfriends!!


Markietha said...

ahhhh...Pioneer Woman. Check out her recipes!!! Lasagna and Marlboro Man sandwiches are our favorites!!!