Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Mission

My husband is in Honduras this week -- a week long Medical Mission Trip! He arrived this morning and the team immediately began seeing children. Surgeries begin tomorrow.

Can I tell you that I want to be with him so badly? See, I am a Garaywa girl -- Camp Garaywa is a camp for little girls in Mississippi that hosts missionaries each summer who speak to campers, interact with campers, and teach campers about their respective countries, work and calling. I went to Camp Garaywa for the first time in 1977 as a nine-year-old, then again in 1978. I returned as a counselor in 1987 and 1988. The missionaries instilled in this camper/counselor a love for missionaries and missions and a strong desire to take the good news of the gospel to any country that God deemed for me -- and if I got to wear a Sari all the better!

To date, God has sent me around THIS country but not abroad. I love the ministry God has given me -- the ministry of leading my little crew to the Kingdom -- but some days, I still dream of wrapping a Sari around myself and sharing Jesus with women in far-away lands.

So this week, I am thanking God for opening the door for Wade to use his gifts to help children who otherwise wouldn't have the surgeries he and his team will provide. And I am asking God to shine through him as he touches the lives of these little ones.

And I might be asking that one day, just one day....I get a chance to go with him. Oh, wouldn't that be such a blessing?


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Ah, Ms are such a wonderful person. Your crew needs you more now, that's all. Just go buy a Sari for you and the 4 of them and have a party, yes? Yes!