Monday, July 6, 2009

The Early Bird...

We are home from a wonderful trip to Disneyland! It was a perfect blend of family time and family fun (and Mommy got to take family photos...which always makes me smile!)

I've decided to break my vacation-blogging down into bits -- mainly so I can savor all the sweetness all over again! So we'll start at the....beginning...

My wonderful Wade is the consummate Disney-trip planner (seriously, he has a second career if he ever wants it!), and we all bow to his wisdom. His biggest mandate has always been that we wake up early and be at the park when it opens, squeezing in as many rides as possible before the crowds hit and then head out around lunch time for a bite to eat and a refreshing rest in the hotel. Though I would be lying if I said I always welcome those early morning wake-up calls from Mickey ("There are big doings going on today!" he always cheerfully tells me and I am never sure I want to hear it THAT early!), I have come to appreciate the wisdom in Wade's plan.

So, it was with great pride that we were first in line Wednesday morning for our first day in the parks. First! And then as if to reward me for working so hard to get everyone up and dressed and out the hotel door, the coolest thing happened.

Cast Member Bob approached us and asked if we -- the Shraders -- would like to "open" the park. Would we? I have accused Wade for years of wanting to do JUST that!

The first step was to sign the OFFICIAL park opener's guest book....I got so excited I almost messed this part up...failing as you can see below to put our last name until Wade pointed out my error!!

Then Cast Member Bob, took us inside the gate -- did I mention we were FIRST?! We were standing, looking out at all the other guests waiting to get in and my kids were just dancing with excitement (OK, Wade and I were pretty tickled, too.) as Bob gave us our instructions.

We helped Bob count down from ten....screamed "Let the Magic Begin" and the gates were opened!! It was a fun way to start our week of family fun, celebrating Benjamin before his big surgery!!

Cast Member Bob and Benjamin -- after the crowds started streaming in! It was an unexpected blessing to kick our visit off in such a delightful way!
Did I tell you there will be more tomorrow?!!