Thursday, June 4, 2009

My girl and her kickie ball...

Cate is all about the pink. She loves her dolls. And insists on dresses and bows. But this girl has always. Always. Loved her ball.

For the last year, she has talked about "kickie ball" and wanting to play. So when we saw a Soccer Camp was being held for preschoolers this week at our church (Christ's Church of the Valley) we signed her up!

Oh my, she had a blast -- CCV's staff, Coach Harry and Coach Nick, were amazing with these kids. For one hour each morning, they taught this group of 3 to 6 year olds how to kick, pass, and play kickie ball! (Well, they actually did call it Soccer...)

She grinned the entire way through! She loved every minute!

Learning to kick -- she was concentrating, and doing her absolute best...

And then they "played" a game...oh, there is obviously some competitive genes in there...she ran and ran and chased that ball and when she scored....well, she really liked the cheers so she ran even harder after that!
I love this shot of my little princess and her ball. She insisted each day that since I was FORCING her to wear shorts, she needed a bow or flower in her hair...

But the sweetest part of the camp for me...there was a prayer at the end of each morning. Heads bowed. Thanking God. Because after all, it IS about more than just a game!