Thursday, May 28, 2009

Strolling down memory lane...

We are converting VHS tapes to DVD in our house....and trying to preserve memories. So can I just tell you that I am so immersed in memories today that I feel weepy for the silliest reasons -- seeing 2-year-old Benjamin singing "Wudolf the Wed-nosed Weindeer"; seeing Claire jump up and down over her first bike (a pink tricycle!) and Mason singing "Daby Crockett" complete with an imitation coonskin cap! Oh, the memories are pouring in! We are oohing and ahhing and enjoying every moment (of course, Cate keeps asking "Where am I?!")

But last night, we watched a video that went even further back into our memories -- our wedding video. Oh, the 22-year-old me and the 21-year-old Wade were too cute for words. We were soo excited to be embarking on our marriage! Our joy was evident. It was.

The whole thing was moving -- from seeing my Daddy again (oh, how I miss that man!), to watching my brothers who were so very young, to seeing grandparents also gone to their heavenly reward. And much more!

But last night, the part that choked me up, was when my childhood friend, Clayton Ledbetter sang "Household of Faith," a wonderful song written by Steve Green. Read these lyrics from the chorus:

"We'll build a household of faith,
That together we can make,
And when the strong winds blow it won't fall down
As one in him we grow and the whole world will know
That we are a household of Faith!!"

Wow. I picked the song. I loved Steve Green back then and loved this song in particular. What I didn't know was exactly how strong those winds would blow -- how strong our faith would have to be to NOT FALL DOWN!

This is probably as good a place as any to confess to you that I really didn't expect any strong winds. In my naivete, I really believed that just by HAVING God at the center of our marriage we would be protected from hardships. That is why I got so emotional last night...because even on our wedding day, we were singing about something I hoped would never happen!

Within a year of our sweet wedding, my daddy had been diagnosed with cancer. And the next two years, watching my beloved Daddy fight cancer valiantly before going home to be with Jesus, I thought I would be blown over. Wade was the strong one then. He held on, held me up, and held our marriage together.

Four years into our marriage, we experienced a mild wind when Wade began Medical School, but two years later the wind would rip through us again when our first baby was really THREE! I will tell you that though it was a strong gust, it was a sweet sweet wind and I welcomed it!

Two years later though, as we were in the throes of facing our boys' cerebral palsy diagnosis, Wade began his Orthopedic Surgery Residency. This wind felt like a hurricane and it blew for five long years. This time it was my turn to hold on to Wade, hold him up, and hold our marriage together!

Today, Wade and I have just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. I am sure we aren't out of windy days...but I am so thankful for this wonderful man I pledged to cherish all those years ago. Our faith has grown. Our love has grown. And most of all we have learned that often life's biggest blessings occur when the strong winds blow and we just hold on together!