Sunday, May 24, 2009

You had me at....quack!

Wade and I have just returned from brunch at our "resort" was delicious, I must say...and Wade insists that I amend my blog to let you know...

This is our room. Hmm. Do you understand my belief that this *major chain name* hotel might be overstating themselves by calling this a "resort" and this view from our room of the Little Tikes playground as "breathtaking?" Well...

But leaving our room, we walked up a path to the restaurant and were absolutely delighted to be greeted by this Mommy Duck and her little ducklings! Delighted. Perhaps you would have to travel with us to understand...Wade has quite an affinity for little ducks....taking breadcrumbs (and sometimes pop-tart crumbs) to feed them outside our room at our favorite Disney World resort to the point that the kids and I tease him that the word spreads when he arrives in town. The duck world is always happy! So, the minute we saw this sweet family, Wade looks at me and says, "I think you have to amend your blog. We didn't give the place enough credit!" (See why I love this guy so much?!)

Of course, I got a chuckle that the Daddy Duck was already relaxing at the pond while the Mommy duck herded their crew....but that is a different blog entirely!

And perhaps the view from the restaurant, is the "beautiful, breathtaking view" the Internet was referring to. Hmm. Well, it was and between that, the delicious brunch and our sweet duck friends, we have been blessed this morning indeed!