Sunday, May 24, 2009

Note to self...

Sometimes the Internet might not be accurate. you think?

Wade and I are enjoying a lovely weekend in Sedona, Arizona celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. We booked online through had heard amazing things about that site through friends. We requested ONLY resorts...because frankly, a couple of years ago I brought my Mom to Sedona and our HOTEL was a lot less than desirable. We thought we were being safe this trip. We have a limited knowledge of the area (that one trip for me and Wade had never been here before). Well.....the room is cleaner and nicer than that first one...but to use the word "resort" is pushing the definition to it's outer limits, I fear!

Oh, it is going to make for some great stories. Great stories!

Stay tuned for photos...we have a jeep tour of the Red Rocks scheduled for later today. I can not wait!!

It is a blessing to have time with my hubby!!