Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pray over the date...

I've talked about it before. Got it all out in blog-form, and promptly went into denial. But the date has been set. I can deny it no longer. So I ask you. I implore you. I need you.

Will you pray for this sweet boy? Benjamin's hip surgery has been scheduled for August 7th. Dr. Lee Segal at Phoenix Children's Hospital (PCH) will perform what should be a four to six hour surgery.

We have received opinions from all over the country. Ultimately, however, Benjamin picked his doc. Dr. Lee and Dad are new partners at PCH and even though it puts him in an awkward position to operate on one of the children of his friend/colleague/partner, Dr. Lee is willing.

Will you pray for him by name -- pray for his wisdom, his steady hands, his endurance in the long surgical day, and for him to be blessed by his interaction with Benjamin! He has spent time already hand-selecting the team that will assist him in the Operating Room on the 7th and though I don't have all their names here, God Almighty knows, and so I ask that you cover them as well.

Benjamin has always been a rock through his medical issues. Always. This is no different to date. I have been emotional (as I have always been through his medical issues...perhaps that is why he is such a rock?!), and he has assured me that he will hold MY hand through the whole thing. Oh, this is a precious boy. Will you pray that God continues to help him be strong and courageous? That the surgery will be straight-forward with NO complications and a successful outcome (better hip placement, no hip pain and good hip movement).

Pray also for Claire, Mason and Cate -- Claire and Mason know the routine and are pros at supporting their brother; this will be all new for Cate, however, and I do not want her to be scared (she adores her "bobba Benjamin"!).

And perhaps, right now, most of all, will you pray that we file this knowledge away for a couple of months and enjoy our summer -- not fretting all summer so that we steal the joy from these carefree days?! Will you pray that for Wade and I specifically? (We have surprised the kiddos by booking a 4th of July trip to Disneyland -- that will help, right?!)

It is a blessing to know I can write here -- pour out my thoughts, feelings and fears, and you will not judge me but rather through love lift up all these cares and concerns. Thank you.


Hoekzema said...

We will pray for Benjamin and his whole team operating on him. We also will pray that despite the upcoming surgery, you have a great time in Disneyland! Thinking of all of you! Hoekzema Girls & Nate

Anonymous said...

You know you have our prayers!