Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday School Lessons

Post-Sunday School mornings have always been one of my favorite times with my kids. Benjamin, Mason and Claire are always eager to share -- and eager to be the FIRST one heard, understandably since what they share is the same for all three (we tried sprinkling "forgetting dust" on Mommy for several years when they were younger so that each could be the FIRST to tell me things...but alas, they have apparently outgrown the powers of the dust!). They are full of wonderful details, and are so great to totally get a life-application out of the lesson! I love hearing them share!

Cate learns so much from her "big kids and big girl" (we have NO idea why she doesn't include Claire in the "big kids" category...but she doesn't, she gives her a category all her own.). And she talks about Jesus and his living in her heart a lot for one just barely three, which is no doubt the influence of these great siblings. Since her Sunday School time is currently the only time she is away from me, I am always eager to hear what she did, learned, sang, etc. But alas, this little one has a mind of her own, and regardless of what she has learned from her big three, she doesn't expound quite the same way. I can't remember if they said more at 3 or not...I'm 40, remember. But she does tickle me with her recounts...yesterday, as I picked her up, her teacher Miss Elizabeth (whom Cate adores!) handed me the cutest little boat made from a paper sail, a Popsicle stick and a sponge. Adorable, trust me. I couldn't wait to hear how the lesson went. This is what I got:

Me: "Cate, what did you learn about today?"

Cate: "A bunch of rain."

Me: "Oh, and why did you make the boat."

Cate (with a grunt and sigh, no kidding): "Because they told me to."

Hmm...I was speculating on whether they had studied Noah when I realized I had the "note to parents" sheet in my hand...turns out these kiddos studied Matthew 8 yesterday and how Jesus calmed the raging storm with just a few words. See, Cate picked up way more than I thought -- she was demonstrating!

Ah, the blessings of intuitive children!


Mardi said... are too funny. :) She was demonstrating very well! :)

Hey, I wanted to say thank you for your words of encouragement and for thinking of us! We are excited and in a state of feeling like this is all to surreal. After 5 years of family planning, we may be seeing our daughter's face for the first time very soon! :)

I will keep you updated and will definetly have to plan a play date when we are home with her! Then Cate can be the "big girl" :)