Friday, January 23, 2009

Never too early to learn...

This sweet girl of mine has a new favorite pastime...she loves the dollhouse she got for her birthday in November! She added some rooms with her Christmas bounty but we have been so busy navigating the home schooling waters that Mommy had not made time to sit down and play with her and her beloved house lately. Until yesterday.

We had some time with just us -- Cate and Mommy -- and she wanted to play with her dollhouse. I was more than happy to oblige. We set all the rooms up (they get a bit tornado-passed-through-looking when you fold it into its storage position)...and as we did, I made some astounding discoveries about the "new" rooms she has added.

I mean, my girl KNOWS that no home is complete without a laundry room...really, what would be Mommy's purpose in life without a washing machine? And so her dollhouse is not without even has a little tiny laundry basket for goodness sake! Isn't that the cutest thing? (Right up until it gets filled with the little tiny dollhouse people's clothes, that is!)

But the item that brought tears to my eyes...the bathroom included not only a toilet (I mean, we did HAVE to have one of those) but the toilet comes complete with a...are you ready for this? A toilet cleaning brush. Seriously.

Cate has some very specific ideals about the roles all the family members should play. I tried to make Daddy go outside to grill, but because in our house, Mommy does the grilling so that Daddy's time off is just spent being with us...she would not let the Daddy in her doll family grill. The Mommy had to.

So, I'm thinking this weekend maybe her real Daddy should use the toilet-cleaning that the dollhouse Daddy will know how! Now THAT would be a blessing indeed!!