Friday, January 30, 2009

Prescription: One grassy hill

I learned another lesson at the hands of my three-year-old today -- nothing cures what ails ya like rolling down a nice green grassy hill!

We've been making our park runs to the bigger, longer-to-walk-to "Easter Park" this week (so named by Cate because last Easter, she met the Easter bunny there at the annual Easter Egg hunt! Makes perfect sense, right?!) There is a neighborhood amphitheater near the park and all this beautiful green grass with perfect rolling-hills all around. Cate has been rolling all week. And I have been cheering her on...assuring her that Mommy was good just watching. But today, that didn't cut it with my persistent little girl. She insisted.

So, I took off my shoes. Lay down on the grass beside her. Tucked my arms (the key to a good roll!) and roll we did!

Can I just tell you that you can not be bogged down in any of life's problems when you are rolling over and over and over again down a big grassy hill? (Or for several dizzy, world-spinning moments after.)

Ah, the blessings of a good hill. Go roll, ya'll. Really.