Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The things you learn...

I should probably apologize for this post before I even begin. But you'll have to indulge me. As the mom of four, I always know where the nearest restroom is. It is a necessity -- sort of like making sure you know where the emergency exit is on the airplane. But on this trip to Disneyland, it was even more imperative, if possible, because the sweet two-year-old has JUST become potty-trained! My dear hubbie, who knows many things, tells me that there are entire websites dedicated to the bathrooms at Disney parks. May I assure you that is NOT what is happening here...but I did make some discoveries that I have to share!

First, you need to know that Disney carries their theme ideas through to every detail -- this restroom sign on what appears to be torn cardboard, is part of Flik's Fair and a part of Disney's California Adventure park that appears to be made by small bugs using everyday items (such as animal cracker packages, etc.). The creativity in this part of the park always makes me smile -- I love the straws that hold lightning bugs to make the lampposts, the pencils that serve as landscape lighting, etc...and so I had to have a picture of this restroom sign!
Can you guess where this sign is located? It is in the Hollywood Studios section of the Grand California park, of course! It absolutely made me chuckle when I stopped to read it to see which Disney movie was being touted outside the restroom!

But my biggest laugh always comes from the signage above the sinks in all the Disney restrooms...this one that instructs us all on exactly HOW to wash our hands. Thank you Disney, and Brawny, for the wisdom!!

But I have to tell you that as far as wisdom goes, Disney falls a far second behind this sign that I found posted in the restroom of the National Park at the top of the Haleakala Crater in Maui, Hawaii! Really, who needed this information? Were people going in, feeling a bit of altitude sickness and chugging down some good, refreshing toilet water? Really?!

There you have it. My crazy restroom post. I'll try and return to saner topics tomorrow but for today, aren't you feeling blessed that you now KNOW how to wash your hands and to NOT drink from the toilet?!


Sarah Armstrong said...

Oh that last one is just too much! Seriously - was that an issue? Made me laugh!! Hope y'all are well!!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Absolutely hysterical, Carol!!! Those are the funniest in-bathroom signs I've ever seen! The only thing spotted in a bathroom that was odder was a slot machine in Vegas. ONLY in Vegas..... Thanks for sharing this!