Friday, August 8, 2008

Here we go...

Sixth grade begins Monday. Monday. That's just a weekend away. And between me and you (but out of earshot of my trio), I'm not ready.

We can blame the influence of all those Little House on the Prairie books that I read and re-read as a young girl, or the Janette Oak pioneer love stories I read as a teen, or the fact that Claire is currently obsessed with pioneer stories, but whatever the reason, you need to know that I have circled my wagons and prefer to keep my amazing 11-year-olds right here in the midst of this wagon-circle where I am completely in charge, in control and in the middle of all that they do.


So that is probably not going to happen. Benjamin might be convinced to stay in my circle for a few weeks longer...Claire would for a day or two, but Mason is already chomping at the bit to get back to school. They have to go. I know they do but good grief, why is it so hard on the Mommy?

The beginning of a new school year has so many challenges for my boys. Mason will meet them head on. He'll educate anyone who doesn't understand his cerebral palsy and bluff his way through any problems until we find a solution. He is amazing at seeing obstacles and overcoming them. It has always been one of his strengths. Benjamin will talk his way through his obstacles...maybe overcoming them or maybe just convincing someone else to move them for him! But as he gets older, the challenges are getting more difficult...for him, and for me, his number one advocate, to navigate.

So as I'm preparing to "un-circle" my wagons and send these amazing kids (Claire included, of course) off to school, will you pray with me that this is a year where the teachers are excited and energized; that they are creative in their teaching so that they are able to adapt things that need to be adapted and flat-out change things that need to be changed. Pray that we do our part -- that Benjamin and Mason have attitudes of victory not defeat; that Mommy too, shares their victorious attitude and handles anything that comes our way in a God-honoring style!

And pray I can remember 6th grade math. Seriously...6th grade math homework times three...I'll need that prayer!

May the smell of new pencils, new notebooks and new crayons bless you today as school is just around the corner!!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Ah, Mz. Carol. 6th grade. Math. My experience with 6th grade - and every grade - math teachers? They discouraged Bob and me from helping at all. New math rules from when I was in school, and there truly wasn't any way to help her. Thank God for math tutors, who were a true blessing to this family!

Hang in there, babe. School started here yesterday and we have the challenges that only an 11th grader can bring. Love you!

Sarah Armstrong said...

Carol - we need to talk! If you recall, I AM a 6th grade math teacher!! You and your precious triplets will be OK - I guarantee it! Parents are always more nervous than their children about this transition and it truly takes longer for parents to adjust to middle school life. I predict (and pray)that the three of them will come home excited on Monday night - ready to embark on the great and awesome journey that is adolescence.

Now, as for the previous post...yes the methodology of solving math problems has greatly changed in the last 10 years. But, if you are willing to open your mind to a little of the new ways, teachers are not going to discourage you assisting your children!! The world your children will grow up in is a VERY VERY different world than we live in even now - you WANT them to learn new ways to think so they can succeed in an ever changing society. (Getting off the soap box now...can you tell I am a math teacher and have heard that before??)

YOU WILL MAKE IT - I promise! :) Seriously, call me if you need to talk about this - it is intimidating! I will pray for y'all Monday - we start school then also!