Monday, August 4, 2008

One final Disney Hurrah...

Before school starts next week! We just returned from one last visit with the mouse (and the Duck, and Fairy Godmother, Alice, etc!) for Summer 2008!

It wasn't quite the magical visit we had in early earthquake shook Anaheim while we were traveling leaving lovely warnings in our hotel about aftershocks and other things this Southern girl didn't understand! Then Panera (if you'll recall my earlier Disney post, Wade has found my favorite restaurant from our Minnesota days to be right outside Anaheim and we stop for a pre-Disney breakfast there now as a tradition!) was down to only ONE Cinnamon Crunch bagel. My family were oh-so-generous and said I could have it...but would you believe the server DROPPED it on the floor while trying to hand it to us?! Dropped it! Believe me, I almost told her I would eat it anyway...but didn't want to seem too pathetic (really, the tears coursing down my cheeks were probably enough!).

But we arrived at Mickey's House only slightly worse-for-the-wear and that mouse just doesn't disappoint. We had a wonderful time -- this trip with Wade's mom, instead of mine, and Uncle Lenny -- and rode rides, laughed at parades, sang our favorite songs and enjoyed the yummy treats we have come to love at Disneyland. It was great family time and just the perfect way to end our summer!

Mason loves the Duck -- and we rarely see him, but he was out yesterday as we were exiting the park for home! We felt like this was a great way to end our trip!!

That's my foursome saving me and my camera from the Indiana Jones ball -- they have such super-strength, you know!!

Minnie, the Fairy Godmother and me and my crew -- what fun! (and the strings in our faces are for Cate's balloons -- an absolute favorite thing of this two-year-old's!)

Speaking of favorite things...Cate and Alice! The story behind this picture makes me chuckle: Alice was one of the first characters we saw during our early-summer trip and Cate wasn't sure about her at all. But Alice stood and talked to Cate for about five minutes that day, until our little one warmed up and hugged her! It was a sweet sweet moment. Fast forward to this trip...we were walking and saw Alice coming towards us...Cate vaulted from her stroller and threw herself at "My friend, my friend!" with all her little might! She and Alice consequently ended up in a heap on the ground....and sweet Alice giggled and held her and said it was the best hug she had ever had!
All in all, it was a practically perfect (with nod to Mommy's fave above!) way to end our summer!