Monday, July 28, 2008

Just Back...

From my first trip ever to beautiful Maui! Wade had a business meeting and I tagged along because dear dear Uncle Lenny offered to keep the foursome! (What a blessing he is -- and what fun they had!)
This beautiful rainbow greeted us as we drove to our resort from the airport -- I was immediately dazzled!

Wade had to work so we were only able to squeeze in a couple of excursions -- but he made time to do the two big things on my list: The Road to Hana drive and a drive up the 10,000 feet high Haleakala Volcanic Crater! These Eucalyptus trees were part of our beautiful drive on the Road to Hana. Wade had to pull over and let me hike back for the photos and in doing so I met the lovely man who planted them following World War II. He was happy to give me the history of the trees -- and a bit of his own! One of five sons to fight for America in the second world war, he was the only one to come back alive. He and his wife were born and bred on Maui and own a farm with cattle on the coastline. He was a dear to answer my questions and was a definite highlight of our trip!!
We hiked a bit off the road to see this lovely waterfall -- there are dozens all along the drive and of course, I wanted to stop at them all. Unfortunately, Wade's work beckoned and we had to turn around before actually making it all the way to Hana -- oh well, that will give us something to look forward to next time!! (Hint, hint, my dear!)
This incredible shot is of the volcanic crater on top of Haleakala! We were literally ABOVE the clouds! What a vision the clouds made!
There are many more photos and in the weeks to come, perhaps I'll add some here. I left Maui with such a sense of God's creativity -- his splendor, his majesty! The beach shots are here -- I have them and they too, take my breath away. But it was the unexpected things that made this trip special -- the blessing of a Eucalyptus tree (who even knew that's how they grew?) and a precious gentleman willing to share his story, and of course the best blessing, time with my own hubby!


Mardi said...

wow!!! What beutiful pictures and sounds like an absolutely beutiful time with your hubby ;) God is amazing isn't He!!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I'll second that Wow! The bark on the eucalyptus trees is striking, and what luck that you met the gentlemen with his stories, making the trip even more memorable. I'll say it again - WOW! Bring on the photos, honey!

hbalegria said...

Okay...I'm trying not to be jealous! But so happy for the blessings you had! Chile has MANY eucalyptus trees and I love to drive through one part of Jorge's town with the windows down and breathe the aroma in! What therapy! Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Love ya,