Friday, August 8, 2008

Please check this out:

I have restrained from commenting on the tragedy in the Steven Curtis Chapman for many reasons -- I wasn't sure I could adequately express the depth of my feelings about this horrible event of losing their daughter/sister, Maria Sue. And I know that I can not. But I am convinced that I need to give you a couple of links today (even though I already posted once today...indulge this addition!). Below is a link to the Good Morning America interview the Chapmans did earlier this week. You have to view it.

Also, I have included a link to comments made by Larry King this morning about the LIVE interview he did with the Chapman family last night (I haven't found a link to the actual show but will update if I do). I will tell you that ABC did a lovely job with the interview...but in true secular media fashion, they deleted any reference to God or Jesus. The Chapman's faith is still evident...they are incredibly strong. But on Larry King last night, there could be not edits. They spoke openly, frankly, they quoted scripture. It was beautiful. At the end, Mary Beth (Maria's mom) is asked by Larry if she ever doubted God. She immediately shakes her head no, and said that when they had fallen as far as they could fall, into the darkest place they ever imagined, their foundation was strong and it held. Wow. I have chills thinking about the testimony they gave. Their foundation held. That is my prayer, dear friends. That we will have such a foundation of faith that no matter what comes our way, our foundation will hold!