Friday, June 27, 2008

Triplets plus one meet the twins!

A dear friend out here recently had twins. Her sweet boys were born early -- not as early as our trio but early enough to need our prayers. They are home and healthy and ready or not...they got to meet the Shrader four this week! I won't share the abundance of photos here -- without her permission (I'll ask next time, though! ha) but had to share this one of sweet Cate (the one with magic marker all over her hand) reaching for the hand of one of the sweet little boys. She sang "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" and her "ABCs" (never too early to start learning) and loved that the precious mommy let her hold the boys! My trio were equally amazed at the size, and at hearing Mommy reminisce about the days when they were that small. As for me, the smells, beauty of the babes, and exhaustion of my friend brought back many memories! The days were so busy then...the diapers, bottles, feeding, bathing, rocking of babies...and then I blinked...and they are eleven. Eleven. And I am so busy now with the homework, activities, emotional growth of my three....and their precious little sister! I am scared to blink again...but will keep enjoying these that God has so blessed us with!