Friday, June 27, 2008

Princess Sisters

Two posts in one day -- I know, but I just took these cute pictures of my girls and HAD to share! Claire is such a sweet sister -- and really does a nice job playing with Cate. For her part, Cate thinks she is 11, so she really does love it when Claire's play includes her! Today they were Princesses, and had a "Ball"!

I love this picture of my two girls so very different! Claire looks like me, with Wade's coloring, and Cate looks like Wade with my coloring! It really is amusing -- and was made more so today as Claire read her old journals out loud. When she came to the one about Cate being born, she had written, "she has my eyes, my nose, my mouth but Mason's chubby head." Hmm...wishful thinking, I fear!
Would you believe the Cinderella dress did ONCE touch the ground? My sweet girl is growing, growing, growing. But the dress still fits, Mom, she assures me! I guess today's Cinderella might wear a "mini-skirt" gown?! Let's hope my little Snow White doesn't grow quite as fast!

I do love the fact that a good Princess dress-up day cures whatever ails you -- too bad the boys don't understand that, I would have loved to have pictures of Prince Benjamin and Prince Mason (the girls tried to enlist them by the way...imagine their choosing video games over dress-up?!). Counting my royal blessings....


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I remember those dress-up days with fondness, Carol, and wish they were still here. My teenager is wrapped up in an entirely different world, and I miss the days of innocence and dress-up. Love the photos! Give them all a big kiss and hug from their "Aunt Debi."

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hey, girlfriend! I've already commented but wanted you to know that I have TAGGED you with the Six Random Things tag that's going around. So, TAG, you're IT! Check out my blog for details if you want to play! Love ya babe.