Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Haircuts!

Temperatures in our desert home have been lingering at 110 plus the last couple of weeks. It is the earliest the temps have gotten this warm and stayed there since we moved....well, since 1945 according to the news, but we only care about since 2005! Though, we spend our days either submersed in the pool (where 110 feels absolutely perfect) or indoors in our very air-conditioned abode, the kids still thought a little less hair was a good idea!! So today, we set up shop in Mommy's bathroom and gave the boys a buzz and the girls a trim!
As I swept the hair (and there was so much!), I couldn't help but thank God for four precious heads of hair to be cut, eighty nails that must be clipped (and forty that must be painted) -- and all the other blessings of mothering these monkeys that call me Mommy!


The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Hello to all the Shrader monkees! Girl, I owe you a lengthy and news-filled e-mail. Where does the time go? Love ya!